The Impact of Local SEO on Your Business Is Surprising. How to Make Use of It

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The Impact of Local SEO on Your Business Is Surprising. How to Make Use of It (niet af)

Although the market has been dramatically altered by globalization, many businesses begin by making sales to their local community. Online search engines have replaced what was once a commercial necessity—the yellow pages. Due to this, local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), regardless of the location or size of the firm, has emerged as one of the most crucial factors in business success.

Local SEO: What is it?

For companies that depend on customer traffic to their websites, search engine optimisation has become a crucial component of marketing. Your website’s ranking in search results is improved by optimising content from search engines like Google, which increases the likelihood that users will visit your site and engage with your business.

Local SEO is simply a strategy of SEO aimed at improving search results in a specific geographical area. If your business relies on online and offline customers within a specific geographic area, local SEO can be the difference between your business surviving and thriving.

The value of local SEO

Every day, Google alone handles an amazing 8 billion queries, but more significantly, local items and services account for up to 50% of all Google searches. You’ll lose out on vital online traffic if your company doesn’t have a local SEO strategy. Local entrepreneurs simply cannot pass up a chance this huge.

Local SEO is crucial for both online businesses and those trying to draw foot traffic. A few decades ago, customers would have used the yellow pages or a map to find nearby companies. These days, people use search engines to find contact information, a business’s address, its opening hours, and other information.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, around one in every two “near me” business searches resulted in a visit to the business. The results were much more convincing if the search was conducted on a mobile device. A call or visit to the company was made in response to nearly 90% of those inquiries within a day.

Any company that depends on local clients cannot afford to miss out on the potential that local SEO can offer.


The Impact of Local SEO on Your Business
The Impact of Local SEO on Your Business