Google Posts: Why It’s Important To Your Business

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Google Posts: Why It’s Important To Your Business

On your Google My Business (GMB) listing, Google Post enables you to promote your company, goods, sales, specials, events, and offers – all for free.

These Posts can assist you in reaching more clients and motivating them to contact your company directly from Google Search. By using movies and pictures, you can enhance the experience of your audience and give them information when they need it.

Your posts will show up in your local GMB knowledge panel/graph and on Google services throughout the web, including Maps and Search. To appear, they must adhere to Google’s rules.

According to Google, Google Post has no discernible effect on rankings.

However, there are further advantages demonstrating that Google Post can and will, if used effectively, enhance CTR, engagement, and your entire brand, which will result in more LEADS for your local business.

GMB Offers Several Types of Posts

“What’s New” Post

Because you get to decide “what’s new” with your business, this Post is the most flexible. It can share new services, as well as any basic information about your business, such as images, videos, and descriptions.

Events Posted
Use this to spread the word about a gathering you are hosting. This comprises:

  • Event name
  • Dates/times
  • Event link

Offers Post

This and the Event type are comparable. Use this to advertise sales or promotional deals for particular products.

Products Post

Tell customers about product features, benefits, and details.

Covid-19 Announcement Post

Use this space to communicate important information about local Covid-19 protocols (business changes because to the epidemic). These are displayed with greater prominence on your listing. Use this to let folks know if your hours are changing temporarily.

Google Post Best Practices

  • Utilise CTAs. Google provides the following CTA options: Read More, Place an Online Order, Make a Purchase, Sign Up, or Call Now. You must make sure your link points to a successful landing page. It is not advisable to link to external content.
  • Post frequently — consistently publish new content — so that they can appear on your GMB listing.
  • Consider your audience’s habits, time zones, commutes, and other factors before posting when they will be seen. This applies to both offline and online behaviours.
  • Action Posts – If you have a new product that has just arrived or a deal going on, these posts concentrate on requesting that viewers take a specific action (for example, look at a product or get in touch with the company).
  • Branding Posts: These articles provide clients with an inside look into your company’s culture or promote your brand. If you offer a weight loss service, this may be a post encouraging clients to stay committed and abstain from cheating.
  • Blog Previews: If you have a resource section or blog that is live, you can use Posts to offer a sneak peek of new resources as they are published. The full article on your website would then be linked from the post.
  • Showcasing your finest reviews in a post is a terrific method to increase exposure. The reviews you’ve gotten are assets.
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