Why long tail keywords are better (10 Reasons)

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Why long tail keywords are better (10 Reasons)


Long tail keywords are terms of 3 or more words. People regularly enter these shorter phrases to find something specific in search engines. In SEO, it is popular to focus on these keywords.

An example:

  • keyword: SEO
  • long tail keyword: Tips for SEO
  • long tail keyword (more specific): SEO tips for e-commerce

In this article we discuss why this is important. What are the benefits? Why do SEO experts say you should focus on long tail keywords? We would like to list 10 reasons.

Why you should focus on longtail keywords?

  1. Long tail keywords have less competition

Longer keywords are less competitive. There is extra focus on a specific topic. Do the test yourself:

First, type in a 1-word search result
Add multiple words (long tail keyword) and search again

See the difference in the number of results. You will immediately see that you can expect a lot less competition for long tail keywords.

2. People search for long tail keywords

What is a more specific search term?

  • auto
  • zwarte auto 2e hands kopen

The second search term is much clearer and focuses further on a keyword. People type in more long tail keywords than single keywords.

Google users also know that they need to enter multiple keywords to make a search more relevant. Then your page can appear that is about that long tail keyword.

Tip: Need new keyword ideas? Try Keywords Everywhere. They have both a paid and free service that shows extra search terms in different search results.

3. The focus is on a specific topic

Because you focus on a specific topic, you can better focus your content on that. People get a very clear picture of a defined content.

It’s also much easier to create content for a specific topic. Occasionally you can create an e-book or larger page. In general, it is wiser to split pages or blog posts into specific topics.

4. Rank for more keywords

Because long tail keywords have less competition, you will also rank for them faster in Google’s search results. When you create multiple articles that are about different keywords, you will rank for multiple keywords.

Furthermore, you can link similar articles internally. A website with good internal links will also score better for SEO.

Create new content regularly with a focus on long tail keywords. If your content is good, you will rank for multiple keywords.

5. Better opportunities for internal links

If you have multiple articles with relevant content, it is better to link them together. As discussed above, the importance of internal linking should not be underestimated.

This way, visitors will stay longer on your website. Google will rate your website better. That ensures more growth and better SEO.

6. Long Tail Keywords Convert Better

When people type in long tail keywords, they are looking for something specific. When they come to your website, they will see relevant content faster.

This way, visitors can be converted into customers and fans faster. You benefit much more from people who come to your website via “search term + buy” than “search term”.

For paid advertising, the cost for Long tail keywords is also cheaper. This in turn ensures more profit, better optimization and more conversions.

7. Win Google Snippets

Google snippets are selected search results that are displayed above the other results in the search overview. You can optimize for this, but Google’s algorithm selects which website it displays information from.

It is the information that is shown, even before people have clicked on another link. For you as a website administrator it is very interesting to be shown for this.

Snippets ensure more clicks to your website and a better SEO ranking. Long tail keywords usually answer a certain search term. Google is better off choosing snippets for this.

8. Long tail keywords are good for voice SEO

Voice SEO focuses on optimizing for sound results. It is the future of SEO and is growing daily. We are increasingly using Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa to look up something for us.

People often speak more than 1 word to search for something. So they give long tail keywords. So for Voice SEO it is also interesting to be shown for this.

Rank for long tail keywords that people could record on their devices. In the long term, you are more likely to be shown in these results.

9. More opportunities to blog

Bloggers regularly have writer’s block and sometimes lack inspiration. Divide a topic into different topics. That gives you more content to write about.

Each subtopic gives you new keywords to write about. Make a list of search terms related to the search term and write long tail variants for it.

Multiple articles, with a specific focus, attracts more visitors to your website. Both through SEO and returning and interested readers.

10. Long tail keywords are suggested in search engines

When you enter a search term in Google, Google will automatically provide suggestions. We call this ‘Google auto suggest’. You can use these search terms to prescribe new content.

Google only provides suggestions for search terms that people have already typed in multiple times. Then you are already sure of the relevance of your keywords.

The ultimate goal is to rank for these longer keywords in the search results. People will see these suggestions and may click on them. This is another opportunity for you to attract extra visitors.