The AI Revolution Is Here; How Can You Use It for Marketing?

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The Rise of AI in Marketing

With the rise of AI-generated content that’s becoming increasingly adept at creating material almost indistinguishable from that produced by professionals, people from all sectors of industry are asking the same question: How can we leverage this to our benefit?

This is a broad question, and the answers range from “this won’t have any impact at all” to “we’ll be able to automate 80% of our tasks by next year.” But where does a Marketing and SEO company fall within this spectrum? To determine this, we must examine the major tasks and processes involved in building a successful marketing and SEO empire, breaking them down to see what can and cannot be automated.

We first need to understand what a marketing team is, which is commonly defined as a group of highly skilled marketers working together to do their best to help a client gain more customers, knowing this helps us distinguish what can and cannot be replaced.

An AI Image Of A Robot Typing
An AI Image Of A Robot Typing

Transformative AI Tools in Content Generation and SEO

Generative AI has emerged as a game-changer in SEO, enhancing content generation, keyword research, and user experience optimization. It can produce large volumes of relevant and engaging content, which means that many tasks that were left for outsourcing, such as creating blogs for your clients’ Google My Business can now easily be done by AI, cutting both time and costs from your bottom line.

  1. Firstly, this has not been futureproofed just yet, as most AI’s are still in their infancy, creating small yet crucial mistakes that may snowball into many more issues for both you and your clients, meaning the human touch to tweak the generated content is still needed at the end of the day.
  2. Secondly, the creation of content by AI is also something many are looking at, from AI-generated videos for your website from places like Sora AI to logo and Facebook header designs entirely generated by DALL-E. While these may seem like promising alternatives to expensive graphic designers and long rendering times, the AI video industry is both still in its early days and also closed off to the select few at the time of writing this blog. But no one can deny how this technology is rapidly progressing. From 2023’s Will Smith Eating Spaghetti to now Sora AI’s Lunar Man Video, we sure have progressed far, some may even say, too far.
  3. Managing reviews and Q&A’s is a more tricky answer; many AI’s could easily generate responses to both of these, but while this may seem to be an obvious choice, data has shown that customers highly prefer talking to a real person via text to getting a generic bot response, (this also highly applies to NAP’s, as they follow the same idea of human contact between the business owner and the client), especially since most AI’s are made to be all-encompassing. This makes personalization of reviews and Q&A responses something that is incredibly difficult with current generation models, but personally, I would say to keep an eye out for the next few years, as things can easily change. 
  4. And Last but not least, websites, back in the old days, a local business could thrive without one, with the rise of the internet in the last 2 decades, this simply does not apply, but with the massive prices of creating a website, unless you use an external tool with a monthly subscription, you may be looking for the cheaper, more AI-Drivern alternatives. For price to performance, using an AI Website builder can make a great bang for your buck if you’re just looking for the bare minimum, and hey, if you’re just looking for a place where your customers can go and use to contact you, this may be a great choice for you, but if you’re looking for more customizability and the actual ownership of your website, picking the WordPress (building your own) website may just be a great choice too.
Marketing Team Table Spread Out
Marketing Team Table Spread Out

Conclusion: The Balanced Integration of AI in Marketing

Harnessing AI with Human Creativity: Taking into account everything we’ve discussed today, AI software is extremely beneficial, but only when used in the right way with the right people, such as the team behind 3BrozSEO, to effectively make use of its best features, while it may look like it could replace most of marketing spheres jobs, it could never replace the true creativity an ingenuity that is needed when creating incredible campaigns for clients.