Local Citations: Why They Matter To Local SEO And Local Search

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What Are Local Citations?

Local citations are references to your local business’ Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) information in business directories and other websites that are pertinent to your business. Although local citations frequently include a link to your website and are a component of off-page SEO, building citations and constructing backlinks are viewed as two distinct processes.

Local citations are a crucial component of local SEO since they give your company’s website geographical and thematic significance.

The Local Citations Components

The NAP information is the most crucial component of local citations. The NAP details must be consistent throughout all citations in addition to being visible to search engine crawlers, as inconsistent or erroneous data may lead users and search engines to doubt the offered information.

Although the NAP information is the most crucial component of local citations, many directories give businesses the option of adding other material to their entries. This aids in giving visitors more pertinent information about the business. Additional details could include:

  • Images/videos
  • Reviews
  • A link to the company’s site
  • A business profile where more information about a company can be included
  • Opening hours
  • Links to a company’s social media profiles


Local citations can increase the regional and thematic relevance of content. Building citations in regional and national directories and using your NAP information in citations both increase geographic relevance.

Citations on websites in your sector or adjacent industries are considered to be “topically relevant.” As an illustration, a freelance web designer could build citations on web design and freelancing directories.

The majority of the time, significant directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and a few others are regarded as valuable citations. Citations on specialised or smaller websites are, however, thought to be far more beneficial when they provide a high level of relevance.

Advantages Of Local Citations

  • Additional referral traffic – Some of the most popular directories, such as Yelp and Google My Business, receive a lot of traffic. These directories are useful for bringing targeted traffic to your website because people use them to look for businesses.
  • More properties to rank – The citations a company builds can often rank in Google. By providing enough content in their citations and optimizing their listings properly, they can rank for long-tail keywords as well as branded keywords, improving a company’s visibility in the SERPs.
  • Improved local rankings – Local citations improve local rankings, helping improve a company’s visibility in search.
  • General ranking benefits – Improved relevance, as well as occasional links, may provide ranking benefits for non-local keywords too.

Its Relevance To SEO

Local SEO and off-page SEO both heavily rely on local citations. They are especially crucial for businesses that cater to a particular geographic region, such as a city, town, state, or even a whole nation.

Citations, however, can also be advantageous for internet company. They can aid in determining topical relevancy, which can aid search engines in comprehending the subject matter of a website or web page.

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