The ORC for GMB

ORC- Optimum Ranking Calibrator

Hello Didi,

In an age of AI and Fake Reviews, We have an SEO team of ORC geniuses and real people to get the job done just the way Google Likes it!

3BROZ’s ORC team has cracked the real solution: SEO for your maps, and not only for your website.
We’re here for the Content. Optimization, Link building, Traffic generation, and More…

Our Strategy Brings Results

Implementing the ORC strategy will bring results and have you ranked ahead of your local competition.Every Local business needs to have an ORC ( optimized Ranking Calibration) to understand where they stand and how to get to the top of the listings. Legit and Google Save

How do we do it

Sometimes, to make it work, you have to keep it simple but with high-quality and thorough work.
Instead of using bots that Google recognizes, we do it manually by real people who connect to the Internet from your service area (an incredible level of accuracy) and perform a search for the service you provide. Among all the competitors, we will find your business and interact positively with your map so that Google will see and understand that you are relevant and people choose you….. You already understand what happens next, right?o.

This is a Game Changer. 

Apart from that, we provide you with a complete and comprehensive package

 for your map, which includes : 

  • CTR (manual traffic) – Quantity: according to the plan approved by the client.
  • New keywords strategy every three months.
  • Full GMB audit
  • Posting pictures two times a week
  • Publishing a post two times a week
  • Answer to Q&A 
  • Naps\Citation – min 300 
  • At the end of each month, we will make a phone/Zoom call and send you the performance report and the changes compared to the corresponding periods.
  • Besides the monthly call, we are available every working day at a reasonable time for an answer and service.

Ready for results?
Choose your plan!

$410 /month
$410 /month

Suitable for businesses in small cities - up to 100 searches

$649 /month
$649 /month
Pro Player

Suitable for businesses in medium-sized cities - up to 400 searches

$999 /month
$999 /month
All-Star Player

Suitable for businesses that want to conquer the world ( big cities) - up to 800 searches